Mario Lovers Top Season Games

Mario is the little plumber. Everybody loves him and therefore there are thousands of Mario games available online. Being confused, a person may end up with some boring versions of Mario games. Here are suggestions some top Mario games.

1. Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

It is considered as the best of best Mario adventures. Its 3D interface, camera’s position from different angels and engaging sound tracks positioned it at the top chart of people’s choice. The level of imagination and design is outstanding.

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is the second saga of Mario’s adventure to the galaxy. In addition to collecting stars, here a character can attack and gain coins. As traverse, Mario has now Yoshi. He helps Mario to overcome the difficulties of various missions. This game is considered to be one of the greatest Mario games.

3. Super Mario World

Introduction of Mario’s Super NES was the final improvement of the method generated on his NES games. The characters’ designs were created into the 16 bit era. This game certainly presented the world why platforming was the house that Mario built. Super Mario has lastly received a cape in this version.

4. Super Mario Galaxy

Mario’s adventure has now extended to the galaxy. This 3D debut of Mario games did not disappoint its fan. Mario’s this ambitious adventure is full of fun and enjoyable. However, it has received some critical response from its fan. The most disappointment was about its control while moving in the space.

5. Super Mario Bros 3

The best feature of this game is the power of flying and swimming using Tanooki suit and frog suit given to Mario. In addition, competition with tough boss makes this game more interesting. Although there are some disappointments regarding its graphics, still it can acquire a position on the top of best Mario stories.

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